How a Hollywood film reveals the reality of drone warfare

Source: The Guardian
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How rapid climate change is impacting how animals interact

Source: Roundhouse Radio | Sense of Place
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Monsanto and GMOs, music and the Zero Waste Market

Source: CiTR Radio
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Ohio primaries: Trump promises a time machine for blue-collar Americans

Source: The Globe and Mail
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Sam Sullivan's Public Salon 2016
Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Public Salon - Inspiring Ideas

Short presentations by Vancouver's leaders and thinkers that will entertain, educate and provoke.

Hosted by former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan.

John Burns - Journalist
Mo Dhaliwal - Cultural Communicator
Robert Hare - Forensic Psych...

International Research Roundtable public event
Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Who Cares?: Re-imagine a Culture of Care for an Aging Society

Caregiving is a reciprocal, intergenerational act. It connects us, strengthens our relationships, and ultimately gives meaning to our lives.

As our demographic shifts to have more seniors in society than ever before, and family dynamics evolve, h...

International Visiting Research Scholar public talk
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Opening Doors for Right-wing Populism in the Electoral Arena?: German Voters' New Mobility

Since the 2013 federal election, the spectre of right-wing populism has haunted German electoral politics. Within months after its foundation, the ‘Alternative for Germany (AfD)’ gained so much support in the electorate that it failed...

Distinguished Visiting Professor public talk
Thursday, May 12, 2016

Law’s Subordination to Numbers: From the Gosplan to the Total Market

From a legal perspective, classical economic liberalism and communism had one essential difference: liberalism recognized that the rule of law was necessary for economic harmony, whereas communism used the law as a tool for implementing a...

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Wall Scholar Speaker Series

The Human Impact of the War on Drugs

Watch all of our Wall Scholar Speaker Series, a fascinating glimpse into the cutting edge, interdisciplinary research being conducted by UBC faculty at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.

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Wall Papers

Fishing for solutions in Haida Gwaii

Solutions to the conflicts between First Nations and the federal government over the control of fisheries are often elusive. On the foggy archipelago of Haida Gwaii on the North Coast of British Columbia, that may soon change, thanks to a Peter Wall Solutions project that combines ecological modelling with traditional Haida values. Read more>>

Peter Wall Ideas Lunch & Wine Bar

Open for lunch

The Peter Wall Ideas Lunch & Wine Bar will close for the summer after April 29th. Ideas is open to everyone and meal plan cards are accepted.

Wall Exchange

Q&A with Naomi Oreskes

Wall Papers interviewed Naomi Oreskes before she delivered her sold out Spring 2016 Wall Exchange lecture her book Merchants of Doubt, how her research has influenced government crackdown on corporate climate-related fraud in the U.S., and why scientists may not be the ideal messengers on the dangers of climate change.

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