Movember sheds light on men’s depression

Source: Vancouver Courier
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Dressed to live

Source: Vancouver Sun
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VIDEO: Fashioning Cancer: Science and Art collide at the Porsche Centre Vancouver

Source: Vancouver Courier
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Allocation of Nortel's $7.3B of assets still divisive issue; 2 judges to decide

Source: Ottawa Business Journal
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Wall Wednesdays Afternoon Series
Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Speaker: Manuel Piña Baldoquín, Wall Scholar, Art History, Visual Art & Theory, UBC

Manuel Piña-Baldoquín is an Associate Professor in UBC’s Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory. His research interests can be summarized in the qu...

Wall Wednesdays Afternoon Series
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Empathy, Narrative Truth and Artistic Process

Speaker: Camilla Gibb, Peter Wall Author in Residence

Empathy is a critical tool employed in many disciplines, even though the word itself is rarely used.  It’s an implicit and underarticulated aspect of various methodologies concerne...

French Scholars Series, Lectures in English by Notable French Academics
Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rice in Japanese Culture: Myth and Reality from a Premodern Perspective

Dr. Charlotte von Verschuer
East Asian Civilizations Research Center, CRCAO, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris
Hosts: Dr. Christina Laffin, Department of Asian Studies, UBC

Considered the traditional staple of the Japanese diet (an assum...
Wall Wednesday Afternoon Series
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book Talk, Bauhaus Weaving Theory

Speaker: T'ai Smith, Wall Scholar, Art History, Visual Art & Theory, UBC

Book abstract:
T’ai Smith deftly reframes the Bauhaus weaving workshop as central to theoretical inquiry at the school, uncovering new significance in the work the weavers di...

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Wall Exchange

AIDS pandemic far from over, global response not yet a success: Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis recently spoke at the Wall Exchange, moderated by The Globe and Mail's André Picard. A video recording and Storify of the event are available onlineFor more from Stephen Lewis, read AIDS pandemic far from over, global response not yet a success: Stephen Lewis.  

Ideas Lunch & Wine Bar

Wall Wednesdays

Join the Institute for the Wall Wednesdays Afternoon Series - a series of afternoon talks held every other Wednesday in the Peter Wall Ideas Lunch & Wine Bar from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Attendees receive 15% off their first purcahse immediately after the talk.


Seeing through the Big Bang to another world?

Sir Roger Penrose of the Mathematical Institute at Oxford University discusses one of the great questions of our time is - how did the universe begin? Listen to a podcast from the Peter Wall Exploratory Workshop public event here


Am I My Brain?

Holding a worldview which situates the brain as the key organ that provides meaning to our lives is often termed neuroessentialism: the notion that we are our brains. Discover more in this video from a Peter Wall International Research Roundtable public event.


Geographical Imaginations

blog on war, space and security by Dr. Derek Gregory, Peter Wall Distinguished Professor.

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