Food on Earth

Source: The Agenda with Steve Paikin
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Man Up Against Suicide Campaign

Source: Global BC
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The Costume Designer and the Cell Biologist Who Fashioned Cancer into Something Beautiful

Source: American Society for Cell Biology
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Smart stats reveal the secret lives of sea lions

Source: UBC Science
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Wall Wednesdays Afternoon Series
Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adapting Forests to Climate Change: Fiddling While Rome Burns?

Scientists have studied the close relationships between trees and climate for nearly three centuries. Populations at different geographic locations within species ranges are adapted to their local climatic conditions. Experiments and exp...

Peter Wall International Visiting Research Scholar public talk
Thursday, March 5, 2015

Climate Change: Myths and Realities

A few misconceptions cloud public perceptions of the issue of human induced climate change.

David Archer, Peter Wall International Visiting Research Scholar and Professor of Geophysical Sciences from the University of Chicago, will give an overvi...

Wall Wednesdays Afternoon Series
Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How Will Animals Respond to Climate Change?

Speaker: Patricia Schulte, Wall Scholar, Zoology, UBC

For the spring 2015 Wall Wednesdays Afternoon Seriesview the bookmark. Attendees receive 15% off their first purchase before and after the talk.

Public Talk
Friday, March 20, 2015

The Conflict Shoreline: Colonialism as Climate Change

Colonial cartographers and administrators have continuously attempted to define “environmental thresholds” within empire. This lecture will speak about attempts at scientifically defining, measuring and mapping the “aridity line” ...

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The Wall Papers

Whither the Gaybourhood?

"Plurality is the name of the new game," says Amin Ghaziani in a Q&A with The Wall Papers. "Rather than the death and demise of the one and only Gaybourhood in town."

Read it online


Tell Everyone: Why We Share and Why It Matters

At a recent Wall Wednesday, Wall Associate and UBC Journalism Professor, Alfred Hermida, talks about his new book, Tell Everyone, and gives us an insider's view into how the dynamics of social media privilege more grassroots activist voices and negate the forces of institutional elites. Listen to the podcast.


Brain Connectivity

In the United States, there are approximately 795 000 stokes per year, making strokes the fifth leading cause of long-term disability and the fourth leading cause of death. We need better approaches to help these individuals get back to their lives, says Alexander Carter, Peter Wall International Visiting Research Scholar, a neurologist and physician at the University of Washington who works on stroke recovery.

Wall Wednesdays Afternoon Series

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