Guest Rooms

The guest rooms are only available for Institute programs.

The guest quarters, located on the bottom floor in the East Wing of the University Centre, adjacent to the University Rose Garden, have 4 fully-equipped guest rooms and one larger suite for the use of Institute programs.

All rooms are non-smoking. Check-out time is 12:00 pm. Check-in time is 3:00 pm. Stays are on a self-check-in and check-out basis; there is no concierge service.

If you are a guest and are looking for more information, please contact

Parking in the Rose Garden Parkade, adjacent to the Institute, is available at extra cost. Please contact Parking and Access Control Services (604) 822-6786 for more information.

The Peter Wall Ideas Lounge is located on the first floor in Room 174, and serves breakfast, lunch and tapas. The Lounge is open to scholars visiting the Institute, and to UBC Faculty and their guests. Sage Bistro, on the main floor of the University Centre, offers lunch service on weekdays. Koerner's Pub, next door to the University Centre and operated by the UBC Graduate Student Society, is open Mondays to Saturdays, with the kitchen closing at 8pm. White Spot at 2015 Main Mall is open everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner (ph: 604.822.0160). The Gallery Restaurant and Lounge, found in the University Student Union Building, is the Alma Mater Society's only true sit down restaurant and includes vegetarian and vegan dishes.  UBC Food Services provides meal services at various locations on campus (and includes popular outlets such as Subway, Tim Hortons, Starbucks). Mahoney & Sons, located on University Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall, is open everyday for lunch and dinner. A number of restaurants can be found in the UBC Village, located on University Boulevard just east of Westbrook Mall. Other than White Spot and Mahoney's most campus outlets are closed evenings and Sundays.