Michelle Stack

Associate Professor
Department of Educational Studies

Michelle Stack is Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies, UBC. Her research centres on the role of media and market logics in the transformation of education; media education; and media-academic communication aimed at expanding public debate about what a good education is.  Her book 'Global University Rankings and the Mediatization of Higher Education' was published in 2015.  Prior to coming to UBC, Michelle was a communications director and policy consultant. 


Primary Recipient Awards

International Research Roundtables, Michelle Stack, 2017

Michelle Stack

What Do Rankings Tell Us about Higher Education? International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Michelle Stack, Department of Educational Studies, UBC; Dr. Mary Lynn Young, School of Journalism, UBC; Dr. AndrĂ© Mazawi, Department of Educational Studies, UBC; Dr. Mayumi Ishikawa, Centre for Global Initiatives, Osaka University, Japan

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