Distinguished Visiting Professor

In the Distinguished Visiting Professor (DVP) program, an exceptional senior scholar with a reputation for interdisciplinary engagement is invited to spend one academic term (4 months), in full-time residence at the Institute. It is expected that this outstanding international scholar will pursue a specific scholarly agenda, participate in Wall Scholar and Institute activities, and organize a specific activity, such as a workshop, artistic performance, or speaker series, thereby contributing to the intellectual life of the Institute and its affiliated scholars. These distinguished visitors will also have an opportunity to engage large public audiences in discussions of important ideas.  The DVP award is open to scholars from any country.

The Institute also has a close partnership with the Collège de France, whereby scholars from the Collège will visit the Institute as Distinguished Visiting Professors, while Institute Associates are invited to the Collège de France for an International Exchange.

*September 2017*

UBC faculty wishing to nominate an individual for the Distinguished Visiting Professor award - please review the requirements under the International Visiting Research Scholar program, and complete the combined IVRS-DVP application form.  Nominations are due March 1, 2018 and will be reviewed by the Institute's International Adjudication Committee.

Peter Wall Institute Faculty Associates interested in being nominated to the College de France for an international exchange - please contact the Director, Peter Wall Institute.