2017 Wall Scholar Sebastian Prange awarded American Historical Association-Pacific Coast Branch Book Award

August 16, 2019

2017 Wall Scholar Sebastian Prange was awarded the American Historical Association- Pacific Coast Branch Book Award for his book Monsoon Islam: Trade & Faith on the Medieval Malabar Coast

The award is made annually for the outstanding first monograph on any historical subject, period, and region by a scholar residing in the 22 western states of the United States as well as the 4 westernmost Canadian provinces. You can read the American Historical Association’s announcement here.

As a Wall Scholar, Sebastian Prange advanced his project on the development of Islam within the trading world of monsoon Asia. This development was shaped by merchants and itinerant mystics rather than by sultans and scholars and spread through commercial interaction rather than by conquest. The central question that animates his project is how Muslim trading communities evolved as minority groups within non-Muslim societies.