2017 Wall Scholar Sebastian Prange interviewed on New Books Network Podcast

November 27, 2019

Sebastian Prange, a 2017 Wall Scholar, sat down with Shobhana Xavieron, on the podcast New Books in Islamic Studies, to discuss his book Monsoon Islam: Trade and Faith on the Medieval Malabar Coast

Released in April 2018, Monsoon Islam was Sebastian Prange’s (History) project during his residency as a Wall Scholar. The book demonstrates that the development of Islamic thought and practices between the 12th and 16th centuries was shaped by merchants and trade, rather than sultans and their battles. Prange focuses India’s Malabar Coast and the pepper trade, offering a window into the process by which Monsoon Islam developed in response to concrete economic, religious and political challenges.

You can read more about Monsoon Islam and the distinct trajectory of Islamic history that developed within the trading world of the Indian Ocean as described by Prange here.

You can watch 2017 Wall Scholar Sebastian Prange explain how monsoon Islam was shaped by merchants and commercial interests rather than in battle in the following video.