The governing body of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies is the Board of Trustees, as specified under The Deed of Trust for the Establishment of the Peter Wall Endowment, 1991. The Deed of Trust also specifies that the characteristics of the Institute "shall be developed by the President of the University." President Strangway assigned administrative responsibility for the Institute to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In November 2004, administrative responsibility was transferred to the Vice President Research.

The Board of Trustees meets twice annually.

Board of Trustees

The five Trustees are the UBC President, two UBC-appointed Trustees, and two donor-appointed Trustees:

Dr. Santa Ono, President, UBC
Sonya Wall, Donor Family
Dr. Judy Illes, Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics, Professor of Neurology, and Director, National Core for Neuroethics
Bruno Wall, Wall Financial Corporation
Dr. Maxwell Cameron, Political Science

Official Observers

Dr. Philippe Tortell, Director, Peter Wall Institute
Dr. Gail Murphy, Vice-President Research & Innovation, UBC
Dr. Andrew Szeri, Provost and Vice-President Academic, UBC
Dr. Brett Finlay, Peter Wall Distinguished Professor
Dr. Derek Gregory, Peter Wall Distinguished Professor

Management Committee (Reconstituted July 2011)

Ian Burgess, UBC Comptroller (pro tem)
Director, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (ex officio)
Peter Smailes, UBC Treasurer
Bruno Wall, Wall Financial Corporation
Sonya Wall, Donor Family

Academic Advisory Committee

This group of outstanding researchers at UBC was formed by the Director in 1996 to reinforce the academic integrity of the Institute. Many of the academic matters that the Director brings to the attention of the Board of Trustees are first discussed in this committee.