Derek Gregory Gives Tanner Lecture

Wall Distinguished Professor Derek Gregory was invited to give the Tanner Lecture at Cambridge in January 2016. Appointment as a Tanner Lecturer is a recognition of uncommon achievement and outstanding abilities in the domain of human values. The lectureships are international and intercultural and transcend ethnic, national, religious and ideological distinctions. 

Bombing is back in the headlines–but then it never really left. Over the last hundred years, bombing has become the preferred military option for many states, but it has supposedly been radically transformed over the last decade or so by the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles (‘drones’). 

Their use has attracted a lively debate, inside and outside military circles, but this has rarely situated Predators and Reapers within the longer history of aerial violence or the larger matrix of military violence within which they have been deployed. These lectures seek to fill both those gaps.

Part 1

Part 2