Our Programs

Wall Scholars

One year in residence at the Peter Wall Institute in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment.

  1. Jinhua Chen
  2. Sean Crowe
  3. Chris Harley
  4. Peter Klein
  5. Renisa Mawani
  6. Shaylih Muehlmann
  7. Alireza Nojeh
  8. Mary O’Connor
  9. Wendy Roth
  10. James Stewart
  11. Philippe Tortell
  12. Vikramaditya Yadav

Wall Scholars 2015

International Research Roundtables

Big ideas. Time and space to explore them.

  1. Jinhua Chen: East Asian Manuscript and Print as Harbingers of the Digital Future
  2. Heather McKay: Re-Imagining Aging: Adding Life to Years
  3. Sally Otto: Future Child Health and World Human Population: Relationships between Population Size, Environmental Effects and the Health and Well-being of Children
  4. Evgeny Pakhomov: The Ethical Challenges of Herring Food and Value Chains
  5. Marcello Veiga: Miners, Minerals and Minaata: Interdisciplinary perspectives on Artisanal Gold Mining and Sustainable Development

International Research Roundtable

International Visiting Research Scholars

Attracting outstanding scholars working collaboratively with UBC faculty members on innovative research.

  1. David Bowman
  2. Andrew Carson-Stevens
  3. Geoffrey Corry
  4. Patrice L. Weiss
  5. Ute Bültmann
  6. Eduardo Cuoto
  7. Taku Demura
  8. Timothy Hammond
  9. Fay Johnston
  10. Karl Linden
  11. Fabian Pease
  12. Rudiger Schmitt-Beck
  13. Ramprasad Sengupta
  14. Sverker Sorlin
  15. Claude Verdier
  16. Verity Watson

International Visiting Research Scholars

Wall Solutions

Addressing issues of societal importance with community partners to develop innovative research solutions.

  1. Mary Berbee: Edible, poisonous or ecologically vital-DNA sequence database to characterize BC fungi important for human and environmental health
  2. Ruth Martin: Supporting the achievement of health goals with formerly incarcerated men
  3. Lindsey Richardson: Evaluating the impact of alternative income assistance timing on drug-related harm
  4. Hisham Zerriffi: Monitoring and evaluation of adoption and use of LPG for cooking in rural Gujarat

Wall Solutions