Are these the 20 top priorities in 2020 for a digital ecosystem for Earth?

January 20, 2020

Wall Associate Karen Bakker co-wrote an article on why the digital ecosystem for the planet must be part of the solution to the climate crisis. The nature of the digital economy and the global reach of different platforms demands a multi-scalar, multi-stakeholder and cross-sectorial response at the international level. Despite massive social movements, the most recent round of climate talks have ended in a stalemate. The article calls on public and private sectors to join forces to forge the digital future that we want, and not allow private capital to dictate our future based on short-term profit. 

In February 2019, Karen Bakker co-organized a theme development workshop at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies on this topic. Bakker is a scholar committed to understanding environmental policy, the role and significance of water resources in society, and distributive justice. Her research focuses on the political ecology of water, water resources, and resource usage in developed and developing countries.