Chief Ninawa’s PWIAS Visit Leads to New Collaborative Projects

January 25, 2022

During his visit to PWIAS in November, Wall International Indigenous Scholar Chief Ninawa Huni Kui worked with the 2021 Wall Scholars and other collaborators to lay the groundwork for a number of projects and priorities that will be his focus when he returns to UBC later this year.

One of the projects discussed is a collaboration with 2021 Wall Scholar Dallas Hunt on Indigenous sovereignty and resurgence.

Another, is a collaborative paper with 2021 Wall Scholar Jonathan Davies on the loss of biodiversity in the Amazon and the need to ethically bring together different knowledge systems to protect the biodiversity of the planet.

Chief Ninawa also started conversations with the International Justice and Human Rights Clinic (Allard School of Law, UBC) to explore legal pathways to prosecute environmental crimes in the Amazon, and advance discussions about the recognition of ecocide as a legally punishable crime.

Meetings with faculty representatives from the Centre for Climate Justice, the Liu Institute for Global Issues and the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs took place around collaborations that can problematize false climate solutions (e.g. carbon trading, net zero).

Chief Ninawa met with several local Indigenous Chiefs while in BC, and he hopes to continue to deepen and expand these meaningful relationships upon his return.

Chief Ninawa enjoys lunch and conversation with the Wall Scholars during his visit to PWIAS in Nov. 2021.