Campus Synergy Group 2022

The Campus Synergy Group is composed of staff leaders from 10 operational units committed to taking bold and diverse actions to address climate and nature emergencies.

The cohort will generate action on the recommendations of the UBC Climate Emergency Task Force Report  (CETF) and cross-fertilize experiences to activate new pathways for transformative change through increased Visibility, Accountability and Action.

Building on diverse networks on and off campus, the Campus Synergy Group will:

  • provide support to UBC Campus units and leadership on how to “walk the talk” on the climate and nature emergencies
  • connect community-driven climate and biodiversity efforts with university researchers and students to extend the capacity for action

PWIAS Leads: Linda Nowlan and Hannah Wittman

Vicky Baker, Interdepartmental Climate Action Team (ICAT)

Camil Dumont, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems

Dean Gregory, Building Operations

Susan Grossman, Centre for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL)

Tara Moreau, Botanical Garden

Sara Nelson, Centre for Climate Justice

Linda Nowlan, UBC Sustainability Hub

Derek Tan, Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Kevin Ward, First Nations House of Learning (FNHL)

Meghan Wise, UBC Climate Hub