Wall Catalyst Emeriti 2022

In partnership with the UBC Emeritus College, the Institute has assembled a cohort of UBC Emeriti to participate in the PWIAS Catalyst Program focusing on the Climate and Nature Emergency.

The objectives of the Wall Catalyst Emeriti Cohort are:

  1. To bear witness to the life-time commitment of UBC’s Emeriti to a societal problem of the utmost urgency
  2. To enhance the visibility of, and intellectual exchange, between PWIAS and the UBC Emeritus College
  3. To demonstrate both the progress in understanding of the Climate and Nature Emergency that has been achieved at local, regional and national scales, and our collective failure to protect our landscapes, seascapes and urbanscapes at global scale from unnecessary harm during this time of rapid climate change

The Wall Catalyst Emeriti cohort will meet monthly to share research experience and engage with guest lecturers on the topic of the Climate and Nature Emergency.

They plan to engage with the general membership of the UBC Emeritus College by contributing to the College’s general programming which is also open to the general public, and will generate op-ed pieces and/or manifestos in the public media and, where possible, reinforce local initiatives relevant to ameliorating environmental change impacts.