Wall Catalyst Student Fellows 2022

In partnership with the Public Scholars Initiative (Graduate and Post Doctoral Studies, UBC) and through the funding of an undergraduate fellowship (with UBC Climate Hub) PWIAS has brought together the Wall Catalyst Student Fellows to provide students with an opportunity to expand their capacity to “dig deeper and relate wider” to the Climate and Nature Emergency.

From September to November 2022, the two cohorts are engaged with the course “Facing Human Wrongs,” which focuses on navigating the complexities of social and global change. This includes a series of 6 tutorials and a series of lunches where students can get to know one another and share potential project ideas.

From January to May 2023, the cohorts will continue to work collaboratively in 3 key ways. Students will:

  1. Design an artistic or educational intervention that addresses the climate and nature emergency.
  2. Receive funding to support the development of their interventions.
  3. Participate in the PWIAS Connections Lunches to network with their cohort alongside different cohorts of scholars, artists, and climate leaders at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.

Coursework facilitated by PWIAS Associates Will Valley (Post-grad cohort) and Sharon Stein (Undergrad cohort).

Associated Student Fellows