Moving With Storms (not your typical)Report

Moving With Storms offers an overview of the many activities, new initiatives, challenges and lessons learned in the PWIAS CNE Catalyst Program during the 2022-2023 academic year. 

It serves as a testament to the power of reimagining and repurposing academic spaces to confront the multifaceted challenges of our era. With a particular emphasis on institutional cultural change, engagement with Indigenous analyses, and the principles of redistribution, reparations, and restitution, this report is a tangible tool that can be utilized by other institutions seeking to create meaningful change. It showcases what is possible within academic settings, pushing the boundaries of what we once believed to be unimaginable in academic environments.

The CNE Catalyst Program offered unique and innovative opportunities for inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations to address the urgency, scale and complexity of climate and biodiversity crises and movements for climate justice. We connected scholars, students, artists, staff, disciplines, university units, sectors, and communities to activate new ways of knowing and acting together in these challenging socio-ecological times.