The Wider Conversation

The Wider Conversation is a selection of CNE resources, courses and activities currently happening at UBC. PWIAS is partnering and collaborating with other Institutes, units, departments and groups to highlight the variety of work being done and ways to get involved on campus and in our community — and potentially spark new collaborations or directions for current and future projects.

Catalyst Program Events

PWIAS Catalyst Partnerships at UBC

Centre for Climate Justice

By supporting collaborative, interdisciplinary and intersectional research across diverse knowledge systems, the Centre for Climate Justice at UBC is a place of mobilization – connecting critical research and community engagement to meet the demands for climate justice. This means working beyond the university in innovative ways by bringing together activists, policy makers, elders, scholars, and communities to identify demands, facilitate community action, and transform policy.

UBC Climate Hub

This student-driven initiative at UBC connects and empowers stakeholders at UBC and in the community to take bold climate action for a just future. They believe in the power of youth, hope, community and storytelling to inspire hope and action to address the looming global threat of climate change.

UBC Sustainability Hub

UBC Sustainability Hub performs important cross-cutting tasks such serving as a connection, curator, and facilitator for a variety of sustainability initiatives and events on campus. In collaboration with other organizations, it serves as a home the Pacific Institute of Climate Solutions’ UBC office.

Public Scholars Initiative

Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) is an award-winning program at UBC that is recognized for its excellence in supporting and promoting doctoral students in undertaking impactful research for the public good.  Most recently, PSI received the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) which they have put towards the implementation and expansion of scholars in the climate emergency stream.

UBC Emeritus College

The UBC Emeritus College enables emeriti to continue their vital contributions to the university by promoting opportunities for relationship building and interdisciplinary projects ,while also helping to foster the research and scholarly activities of emeritus faculty members.