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Alfred Hermida

Professor Alfred Hermida is an award-winning online news pioneer, digital media scholar, and journalism educator. His research explores the intersection of communication technologies, journalism studies and the networked society, focusing on the reconfiguration of journalism. Research projects include the integration of social media by public service broadcasters, the use of social networking technologies by First Nations for social engagement, self-representation, and governance-related activities, and the impact of computational journalism on the creation and dissemination of news.

He is a co-author of Participatory Journalism: Guarding Open Gates at Online Newspapers (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011). He is working on his new book, Tell Everyone: How the Stories We Share Shape What We Know and Why It Matters (Doubleday Canada). The book examines how social media is shaping our notions of an informed and engaged public, a media ecology of competing ideas, and a responsive political establishment.

Primary Recipient Awards

Alfred Hermida – Early Career Scholar Start-Up Research Grant – 2013