Cadence Planthara

Wall Associate


Interdisciplinary Artist

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Toronto, ON
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Cadence Planthara (they / she / he) is an artist and craftsperson of mixed South Asian and European descent currently living in the city of Toronto. Through careful attention and play, they constellate disparate raw materials, inherited and found objects, producing other forms for use and consideration. Working with clay, textiles and a generous array of other materials, they move with questions around inheritance, identity, power and agency that resist straightforward answers, creating oblique, poetic, functional objects. Planthara’s practice stems from a desire to be in better relationship with others, and is informed by their experience as an ambiguously racialized person born and living on stolen land. Their work has recently been exhibited at the Khyber Centre for the Arts (Kjipuktuk/Halifax, NS), Joys, Pumice Raft, Hearth, and Trinity Square Video (all in Tkarón:to/Toronto, ON).

Primary Recipient Awards

Cadence Planthara – Artist Digital Residency – 2022

During this residency, the 12 catalyst artists, who are active in the arts sector in Canada and internationally, will collaboratively reflect on how art can help us to “stay with the trouble” and face the complexities of our current times: to not turn our back to the turmoil of difficult things, while remaining grounded and attentive to what it means to be human within a wider web of relations.

Drawing from their multi-disciplinary practices which include theatre, puppetry, dance, music, clowning and visual arts, the artists are working on how to activate different modes of feeling, thinking, relating and acting as forces of social change that may open up not-yet-imaginable possibilities for co-existence in the future.