Chen Feng

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Assistant Professor


School of Engineering


UBC Okanagan

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Chen Feng

Dr. Feng’s research interests include information & coding theory, wireless communications & networking, cloud computing & big data, and very recently blockchain technology. In particular, he is interested in adapting new ideas and tools from information theory, coding theory, stochastic processes, and optimization to design better networking systems. The primary goal of his research is to bridge the gap between theoretical advances and system implementations.

Co-Principal Investigator Awards

Victoria Lemieux – International Research Roundtables – 2019

Blockchain technology has emerged as a solution to the problem of trust in data and records, and trust in social, political and economic institutions, due to its profound potential as a digital trust infrastructure.  By bringing researchers and industry and community partners from diverse backgrounds together, this roundtable will help unpack relationships and interdependencies among the social, data/records and technological “layers” of blockchain technology which are, at present, not fully appreciated and understood, and help to assess the potential net benefit for humanity of this important emerging technology.  The roundtable will lead to co-­creation of new knowledge about the interdependencies and relationships among social, data/records, and technological layers of blockchain technology and, in doing so, lead to new insights about the potential and pitfalls of this technology as well as possible new insights and ideas about how to explore the impact upon humanity of other such emerging technologies.

Shin’ichiro Matsuo – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2018