David Bowman

Visiting Scholar


School of Biological Sciences


University of Tasmania

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David Bowman

Before taking up my chair at UTAS I was the Director of the Australian Research Council Key Centre for Tropical Wildlife Management at Charles Darwin University where I fostered a vibrant and highly productive research group that undertook transdisciplinary research programs designed to sustainably manage biodiversity and ecosystem services in northern Australia. I named this approach ‘Wildlife and Landscape Science’.

I am now building a similar group at UTAS. Tasmania is a superb natural laboratory for ecological research and has stimulated the seminal research into the ecology and evolution of landscape fire. My research is focused on the ecology, evolution, biogeography and management of Australian forested landscapes. Specifically, I undertake pure and applied research to understand the effects of global environmental change, natural climate variability and the cessation of Aboriginal landscape burning on bushfire activity and landscape change.

My research programs, involving national and international collaborators, use an assortment of techniques, including remote sensing and geographic information analyses, stable isotopes, ecophysiological analyses, mathematical modeling, biological survey and molecular analyses.

Primary Recipient Awards

David Bowman – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2015