Derek Gladwin

Wall Scholar


Assistant Professor


Language and Literacy Education





Derek Gladwin is an Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy Education in the Faculty of Education. He is currently a member of the Clean Energy Research Centre and previously served as a USI Sustainability Fellow with the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (2018-2021), as well as an environmental fellow at University of Edinburgh (2015), Trinity College Dublin (2017), and University of Amsterdam (2019).

His interdisciplinary research and teaching aim to promote social understanding and relational action on environmental, health and well-being, and arts-based approaches through public forms of education and literacy. He is the author and editor of several books, including Ecological Exile (2018) and Rewriting Our Stories (2021), and serves as Senior Editor for Environmental & Sustainability Education in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education, published by Oxford University Press.

Primary Recipient Awards

Derek Gladwin – Wall Scholars – 2022

As a Wall Scholar, Dr. Gladwin aims to draw on the methodologies of storytelling and empathy, in concert with other Wall Scholars as a response to climate emergency, through a collaborative transdisciplinary approach to energy transition. This project underscores how climate emergency is also a crisis of perception. How we perceive, value, or imagine energy transitions and futures raise two important questions, both of which can be framed in the context of storytelling and education: (a) who gets to imagine our energy transitions and futures, and, (b), what are the best ways to do it both inside and outside of traditional academic spaces?