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Fabio Rossi

The overarching theme of Dr. Rossi’s research is the investigation of the mechanisms underlying tissue responses to damage and degenerative disease. His research has highlighted the need for a different approach to tissue regeneration: namely, one that focuses not on individual components studied in isolation, but rather on the whole complex regenerative mileu. He and his lab have developed a number of techniques aimed at rare stem cell identification and purification, leading them to pioneering techniques such as high-content flow cytometry at UBC. Dr. Rossi is at present directing the shared flow cytometry facility serving nearly fifty labs on campus and a number of local companies. 

Dr. Rossi earned his MD at the University of Genoa and PhD in Molecular Biology at the European Molecular Biology Laboratories, University of Heidelberg in 1996.  Following a few years spent as a Research Scientist and post-doc at Stanford University, and a Visiting Junior Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute, he was recruited to UBC as an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in 2001, becoming a full professor in 2011. Dr. Rossi is known for his remarkable ability to simultaneously maintain productive, well-funded programs in diverse fields, which is rare in his hyper-specialized scientific community.

Primary Recipient Awards

Fabio Rossi – Theme Development Workshop – 2018
Fabio Rossi – Distinguished Scholars in Residence – 2011
At the Institute this year, Dr. Rossi will lead two workshops. One will be a small, interdisciplinary exploratory meeting on bone regeneration to discuss how to integrate multidisciplinary expertise aimed at formulating a coherent approach to bone regeneration that is also in line with the recent and foreseen progress in personalized medicine. The other is a planning workshop to create a multidisciplinary regenerative network in Vancouver and organize an international symposium on this topic.