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George Belliveau

Professor Belliveau specializes in Theatre Education where he integrates theatre as a form of research and artistic expression across multiple disciplines. He is an international leader in research-based theatre, and has shared his performative approach to research in numerous countries around the world. His co-edited book Research-based as Methodology (Intellect, 2016) establishes the complexity and richness of this emerging field of artistic research. His most recent project Contact! Unload, a research-based play about the stress injuries that soldiers suffer post-deployment, has been shared nationally and internationally, including a private showing for Prince Harry, a soldier himself and advocate for men’s mental health. His arts-based approach to research has been successfully funded by CIHR, SSHRC, Movember, among other sources.

Professor Belliveau’s scholarly and creative writing can found in various arts-based and theatre journals, along with numerous chapters in edited books. He has written or edited four books with two others forthcoming. Selected awards for his theatre-based work include the Sam Black Award for Development in the Visual and Performing Arts (2016), best scholarly paper award for the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (2015), runner-up for the Innovative Dissemination and Engagement Award, UBC (2011), and the Premier Award for Social Justice through the Arts (2003). He has participated in over 100 theatre productions as either playwright, director or actor. Outside his artistic and research endeavors, Belliveau is an avid long distance runner, and competes regularly in half and full marathons.

Primary Recipient Awards

George Belliveau – Theme Development Workshop – 2018
George Belliveau – Wall Scholars – 2016

As a Wall Scholar Dr. Belliveau aims to continue to develop research-based theatre as an interdisciplinary methodological approach by continuing his artistic work on the Veteran’s project, as well as completing two book projects in the area of artistic research. He will organize a symposium on research-based theatre in 2017, gathering local and international researchers from across disciplines to develop a research agenda that will advance knowledge and practical applications in the developing area of this methodology.

George Belliveau – Theme Development Workshop – 2013