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Glen Coulthard

Glen Coulthard (PhD– University of Victoria) is a member of the Yellowknives (Weledeh) Dene First Nation and teaches political theory and Indigenous politics. Professor Coulthard has written and published numerous articles and chapters in the areas of Indigenous thought and politics, contemporary political theory, radical social and political thought, and Indigenous land-based pedagogy. His forthcoming book, Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition (University of Minnesota Press) critically interrogates the affirmative relationship drawn between cultural recognition and freedom in liberal theories of cultural pluralism in light of Indigenous peoples struggle for land and self-determination in Canada. His article Subjects of Empire: Indigenous Peoples and the “Politics of Recognition” in Canada won Contemporary Political Theory’s Annual Award for Best Article of the Year in 2007.

Primary Recipient Awards

Glen Coulthard – Wall Scholars – 2014

During his tenure as a Peter Wall Scholar Glen will undertake an interdisciplinary research project titled, Urbs Nullius: Gentrification and Indigenous Decolonization in the City. This multifaceted project will argue that the ideological rationale and material effects of gentrification in major Canadian cities is best understood when existing explanatory frames are placed in conversation with the emergent literature on settler-colonialism and Indigenous decolonization.