Helen Burt

Wall Associate




Pharmaceutical Sciences



Dr. Helen Burt is a professor at UBC Pharm Sci and former Associate Vice-President Research & Innovation at UBC. Dr. Burt was a founding scientist of the Centre for Drug Research & Development—now adMare BioInnovations—where she played an instrumental role in advancing promising scientific discoveries, transforming the work of university researchers into viable investment opportunities for the private sector, and ultimately new therapies for patients. Her founding work also focused on improving care and promoting transparent research practices to set a new standard for research across Canada. adMare BioInnovations is now a central leader in Canada’s innovation landscape, and Dr. Burt continues to serve as a board member for the organization.

Dr. Burt’s research involves the development of polymer-based drug delivery systems, primarily focusing on nanotechnology as applied to the development of innovative nano-sized drug carriers. These nanoparticulate drug delivery systems are designed to deliver their drug payload to different sites in the body and release the drug at controlled rates. Dr. Burt’s research on life-saving nanotechnology has had major impact on Canadians suffering from a broad range of diseases including cancer, arthritis, and infectious diseases. Her ground-breaking medical developments are now used for patients around the world, including a drug delivery system to treat bladder cancer and the development of a system that reduces coronary artery disease and the chance of heart attacks.