Hervé Chneiweiss

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French National Centre for Scientific Research




Pierre and Marie Curie University

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Hervé Chneiweiss

Dr. Hervé Chneiweiss (MD, PhD) is a neurologist and neuroscientist, studying molecular mechanisms involved in glial plasticity and underlying brain tumor development. First trained as a neurologist (gait and movement disorders, Parkinson), he was involved in the neurogenetics of human diseases such as cerebellar ataxias. For the last 15 years his scientific work was dedicated to the biology of astrocytes and their roles in brain tumor progression.

He is currently head of the Glial Plasticity group within the Neuroscience Paris Seine laboratory (CNRS/INSERM/Pierre and Marie Curie University), and is a Research Director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). From April 2000 to April 2002, Dr. Chneiweiss was the adviser for life sciences and bioethics to the French minister for research and technology. His involvement in bioethics led him to publish chronicles in Medicine/Sciences where he has been the chief editor since 2006. He is member of the Ethic Committee of Inserm (ERMES) and published several books for the lay public including Neurosciences et Neuroéthique (Alvik 2006) and L’Homme Réparé (Plon 2012).