Jack Suchodolski

Student Fellow









Originally from the ancestral land of the Coast Miwok People, more widely known as part of the San Francisco Bay Area, Jack is a fourth-year undergraduate within the Department of Geography’s Environment and Sustainability program studying the underlying causes of climate change and how they manifest in our interactions with the environment. He is also minoring in International Relations. Jack is particularly interested in pursuing work in climate-related education and outreach that involves the topics of Indigenous reconciliation, settler responsibility, and academic knowledge translation. He currently works as the Climate Lead for UBC’s Sustainability Ambassadors Program where he develops and facilitates programming that allows Ambassadors to explore connections between human activity, perception, and the climate emergency, as well as supports the Ambassadors’ community-facing projects. Additionally, Jack is the current Editor-in-Chief for UBC’s Journal for Climate Justice. Apart from studying and working, he enjoys making music, spending time with family and friends, and admiring Vancouver’s sunsets when weather permits.

Primary Recipient Awards

Jack Suchodolski – Catalyst Fellows – 2022

The Wall Catalyst Student Fellow cohort will first come together to engage in the online, interdisciplinary Facing Human Wrongs course and subsequently work together on a number of public-facing projects.

The course content touches upon systemic, historical and ongoing violence, unsustainability, our complicities in social and ecological harm, and our tendency to address complex problems, such as biodiversity loss, food insecurity, economic and political crises, and the potential for social and environmental collapse, with simplistic solutions. The course requires students to be willing to be uncomfortable and to have their perspective challenged.

Jack Suchodolski – Catalyst Collaboration Fund – 2023

UBC Journal for Climate Justice

The UBC Journal for Climate Justice (JCJ) aims to publish research-based and creative insights into climate justice at the intersection of art, activism, and academics. Through regular publications and collaborations, featuring academic and creative work within climate justice, the JCJ will bridge disciplinary divides within UBC and encourage collaborative work that extends to broader communities (eg: artists, policymakers and analysts, activists, educators, journalists, etc.) This platform will share the collective efforts of students (from the undergraduate to postgraduate level), recent graduates, professionals, and community members with an interest in climate justice.