Jacky G. Goetz

Visiting Scholar


Leader, Goetz Lab; Inserm


Lab for Tumor Biomechanics


INSERM, Strasbourg

Geographic Location

Jacky G. Goetz

Jacky G. Goetz is leader of the Goetz Lab for Tumor Biomechanics at Inserm in Strasbourg, France. He graduated in Pharmacology and Cell Biology from University of Strasbourg France, in the laboratory of Ken Takeda. He then moved to the laboratory of Ivan Robert Nabi in Montreal (University of Montreal, Canada), and later in Vancouver (University of British Columbia, Canada), and received his Ph.D. degree in 2007 from both University of Montreal and University of Strasbourg. He performed a first post-doctoral stay at the CNIC in Madrid (Spain) in the laboratory of Miguel Angel del Pozo and then joined the team of Julien Vermot at the IGBMC in Strasbourg (France) for a first post-doctoral stay. He won the SBCF young scientist prize for his contribution to Cell Biology during his Ph.D and post-docs.

The research interests of Goetz have always been dedicated to tumor metastasis, and the role played by mechanical forces. He has successfully combined cell biology with biophysical approaches using different models such as cell cultures in 2D (Ph.D), transgenic animal (mouse and zebrafish) and human samples (post-doc). He developed a pioneer intravital correlative imaging technology (postdoc) that he now applies to mouse and zebrafish.

Learn more at http://www.goetzlab.com.

Primary Recipient Awards

Jacky G. Goetz – French Scholars Lecture Series – 2020

Dr. Goetz will provide critical insight into novel approaches to study molecular mechanisms that control force-dependent organogenesis these processes. His hosts, Drs. Calvin Roskelley and Ivan Robert Nabi are part of a team at UBC’s Life Sciences Institute focused on this area, which encompasses not only cancer but also stem cell development and tissue morphogenesis. UBC researchers are also developing correlative light-electron microscopy approaches, with which Dr. Goetz has tremendous expertise and is a world expert. An overarching objective of Dr. Goetz’s visit and interactions with UBC and BC Cancer Research Centre scientists, trainees and staff will be to nucleate the formation of a Pacific Northwest-France ‘Mechanotransduction/Tumour Invasion’ research cluster.