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James Stewart

Professor James G. Stewart has spent the past fifteen years working in international criminal justice, as either a practitioner or a scholar. He joined the University of British Columbia Law Faculty in August 2009, after spending two years as an Associate-in-Law at Columbia Law School in New York. Before then, he was an Appeals Counsel with the Prosecution of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. He also worked for the Legal Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Prosecution of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

At present, he works as a Senior Legal Advisor (part-time) to judges of the Appeals Chamber of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. He holds degrees from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand in both law and philosophy, a Diplôme d’études approfondies in international humanitarian law at the Université de Genève and a JSD at Columbia Law School. He has received the Cassese Prize in International Criminal Justice, a Open Society Fellowship, and was a Global Hauser Fellow at NYU Law School for his research on the relationship between atrocity commerce, and international criminal law.  This research, together with a blog on associated issues, is available on his website.

Primary Recipient Awards

James Stewart – International Exchanges – 2019

James Stewart participated in an International Exchange as a Conférencier Invité at the Collège de France in May-June 2019. Professor Stewart had four lectures scheduled in French during his stay:

1. La justice des vaincus : les procès pour crimes de guerre après la Première Guerre mondiale

2. Les tribunaux de Nuremberg et de Tokyo comme volte-face

3. Cours ad hoc et tribunaux hybrides après la Guerre froide

4. Place à la Cour pénale internationale

The full lecture series is available here

Transcripts of the lectures (English and French) are available here.

James Stewart – Wall Scholars – 2015

Over the course of his time at the Wall Institute, Professor Stewart will be writing a book on the theory of complicity as part of his broader inquiry into the relationship between commerce and atrocity.

James Stewart – Research Mentoring Program – 2012

Mentor: Dr. Derek Gregory, Peter Wall Distinguished Professor, Department of Geography, Faculty of Arts
Knowledge and Responsibility in Modern War