Jean-Jacques Delannoy

Visiting Scholar




Department of Geography, Laboratoire EDYTEM


University of Savoie Mont Blanc

Geographic Location

Jean-Jacques Delannoy

Prof. Delannoy is a geomorphologist at the University of Savoie (France) and Director of the research laboratory EDYTEM (Environment, Dynamic and Mountain Areas).  He developed the morphogenic study of the caves. This approach, applied to different geodynamic contexts (the Alps, the Baetic Range, South Ardèche) underlined the diversity of underground archives and their relevance to palaeographic and palaeoenvironmental reconstitutions. This work, based on the systemic approach and high-resolution cartographic records, was then applied to the study of decorated and archaeological sites (Chauvet-Pont d’Arc Cave, Terre d’Arnhem, Papua New Guinea). In 2003, he set up the EDYTEM multidisciplinary laboratory (University of Savoie-Mont Blanc, CNRS, Ministry of Culture and Communication).  Jean-Jacques’s work rests on an innovative crossing of geomorphological and archaeological data to better understand site formation processes. His research over the last 10 years has primarily involved the development of this crossing of geomorphology (the study of the physical features of the Earth’s surface) integrated into archaeological and environmental problems.

Primary Recipient Awards

Jean-Jacques Delannoy – French Scholars Lecture Series – 2016