Jedediah Brodie

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John Craighead Endowed Chair of Conservation


Biological Sciences and Wildlife Biology


University of Montana

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United States
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Jedediah Brodie

Dr. Jedediah Brodie studies the ecology, evolution and conservation of animals and plants, with a current focus on tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. He tries to understand fundamental ecological patterns as well as assess the impacts of climate change, habitat disturbance and hunting. He did his undergraduate work at the University of California, Santa Cruz and his doctorate at the University of Montana. 

Dr. Brodie has lived and worked in ecosystems ranging from the Alaskan tundra to the deserts of southern Africa and the jungles of Borneo. He is currently the Communications Director for the Society for Conservation Biology Asia Section. He has also been a Fulbright Fellow to Malaysia and a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow. He feels that limiting the near-term impacts of climatic and other global changes depends on understanding the resilience of ecosystems to altered environmental conditions. Critical gaps remain in understanding the responses of ecosystems to global change, severely hindering society’s ability to ameliorate these impacts. Dr. Brodie’s research seeks to improve our understanding of biodiversity alterations under conditions of ongoing global changes. This will contribute to developing theoretical structures for the changing ecology of ecosystems, upon which management and conservation decisions can be made and improved.