Jo-ann Archibald

Wall Associate


Professor Emeritus


Indigenous Studies


Educational Studies



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Jo-ann Archibald, Emeritus Professor of Educational Studies, is an Indigenous scholar and pioneer in the advancement of Indigenous education, from early learning to graduate education. Her research and educational practice have addressed Indigenous knowledge systems, particularly oral traditions and stories, Elders’ and Indigenous community-based perspectives and ways of knowing, Indigenous methodologies and theories, decolonization of research and education, and reconciliation within educational systems.

Primary Recipient Awards

Jo-Ann Archibald – Catalyst Emeriti – 2022

The Wall Catalyst Emeriti cohort meets monthly to share research experience and engage with guest lecturers on the topic of the Climate and Nature Emergency. They will generate op-ed pieces and/or manifestos in the public media and, where possible, reinforce local initiatives relevant to ameliorating environmental change impacts.

The cohort also engages with the general membership of the UBC Emeritus College by contributing to the College’s general programming which is also open to the general public.