John Gosline

Wall Associate


Professor Emeritus







Dr. John M. Gosline (1944 – 2016) was the first professor to bring biomechanics research to UBC. During his long career at UBC, he made significant contributions to the field. Comparative biomechanics uses experimental and theoretical approaches from engineering and physics to address fundamental questions about the form, function, and evolution of organisms.

John M. Gosline joined UBC as an assistant professor in 1973, retired in 2008, and remained active as a Professor Emeritus. In his time at UBC, John developed a world-class research program in comparative biomechanics, and his contributions as a mentor and educator are equally impressive. He trained more than 35 graduate students, postdocs and research associates, and served on advisory committees for many more. Through his research, his teaching, and his administrative efforts, John helped to shape the Department of Zoology over 35 years.