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John Oliffe

Dr. Oliffe’s research program in masculinities and men’s health has focused on prostate cancer, depression and suicide and men’s smoking. He has also collaborated providing expertise to a range of other men’s health issues including immigrant men’s heart health, male youth sexual health, Aboriginal men’s health, incarcerated men’s health, fathering and unintentional childhood injury, gay men’s intimate partner violence and men’s experiences and expressions of grief following the death of a male peer. These collaborations have enabled him to build research capacity in masculinities and men’s health in Canada amid advancing his own productive research program.

While men’s health can be positioned as focusing entirely on males, Dr. Oliffe’s work has purposely used gender relations to describe connections between the health of men, and their partners and families. Much of his work is qualitative and while he has described in-depth an array of men’s health issues Dr. Oliffe has also transitioned many of these insights toward interventions to advance the health and well-being of men and their families.

Primary Recipient Awards

John Oliffe – International Research Roundtables – 2020

International Critical Suicide Studies Roundtable

This Roundtable was held on-line on June 17-18, 2021.  Researchers brought together a diverse group of scholars, practitioners, artists, activists, and those who have personal experience with suicide, to co-generate a wide range of inclusive understandings of suicide as a means to mobilizing strategies for suicide prevention and bereavement. By drawing on multiple, embodied knowledges and intellectual traditions, we seek to build upon and challenge some of the taken-for-granted positivist and biomedical logics that have come to dominate the study of suicide and the practice of suicide prevention in the modern era. Through a creative dialogical process, we aim to identify new research opportunities and practice approaches to suicide prevention that are creative, socially just, and culturally responsive.

For more information, please see Roundtable report.

John Oliffe – Wall Scholars – 2014

Co-Principal Investigator Awards

Maria Lohan – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2012