José Reyeros Sánchez

Student Fellow









Hola! I am a Latinx settler with the privilege of studying how our human systems intersect with the climate emergency. I am interested in understanding the systems of oppression that reinforce the inequities and wrongs in our society to disrupt them. My area of study and experience provides me with tools for community based solutions for climate justice. I am particularly interested in circularity and decolonization at a systems level. Being part of the C&NE undergraduate cohort I am excited to provide energy and perspective for transformative systems change.

Primary Recipient Awards

José Reyeros Sánchez – Catalyst Fellows – 2022

The Wall Catalyst Student Fellow cohort will first come together to engage in the online, interdisciplinary Facing Human Wrongs course and subsequently work together on a number of public-facing projects.

The course content touches upon systemic, historical and ongoing violence, unsustainability, our complicities in social and ecological harm, and our tendency to address complex problems, such as biodiversity loss, food insecurity, economic and political crises, and the potential for social and environmental collapse, with simplistic solutions. The course requires students to be willing to be uncomfortable and to have their perspective challenged.

Jose Reyeros – Catalyst Collaboration Fund – 2023

Sharing Land Protectors’ Stories

This project aims to create a digital media platform in the form of a website to host films, short stories, and other art/activism projects created by frontline communities and land protectors in Latin America. Using existing connections to media executives and political spaces, this platform, when developed, will be mobilized to support and advance the actions being called for by these communities. We are centering stories from our first two partners: Ecuadorian-based Fundación Maquipucuna, and Guatemalan-based Saqchahim Organization de Mujeres para la Seguridad Alimentaria en Barrio La Union (Saqchahim Women’s Organization for Food Security in Barrio la Union).