Julia Cagé

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Economics, Sciences Po Paris


Sciences Po Paris

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Julia Cagé

Co-director of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies’ (LIEPP) Evaluation of Democracy research group since 2018, Julia Cagé is an Assistant Professor in Economics at Sciences Po. She is also an affiliate researcher at the Center for Economic Research and Policy Research (CEPR).
Her areas of research are in political economy, organizational economics, and economic history. She is particularly interested in the media economy. She is the author of Save the Media: Capitalism, Crowdfunding and Democracy, published in 2015, and L’Information à tout prix, published in 2017. Her research is published in internationally renowned scientific journals such as the European Economic Review, American Economic Journal, Applied Economics, Journal of International Economics, and the Journal of Globalization and Development. After graduating from École normale supérieure (ENS) and Paris School of Economics, Julia Cagé earned her PhD at Harvard University in 2014.

Primary Recipient Awards

Julia Cagé – French Scholars Lecture Series – 2019