Junia Anacleto

Visiting Scholar


Exact Sciences and Technologies


Federal University of São Carlos

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Junia Anacleto

 Dr Anacleto has a Ph.D. degree in Computational Physics from the University of São Paulo USP, a MSc degree in Computer Sciences and Statistics from the University of São Paulo USP, and is graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Sciences from the University of São Paulo USP, Brazil. She was a Visiting Researcher at the MediaLab MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She received the award of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies 2014 as an International Visiting Researcher at University of British Columbia. She currently is an Associate Professor at the Federal University of São Carlos, Department of Computer Sciences, and a Professor at the Brazilian Open University. She is also the Coordinator of LIA – Advanced Interaction Laboratory. She has experience in the area of Computer Science, with emphasis on Human Computer Interaction focused mainly on: Natural interactions, social network, Culturally Contextualized Software Development, Common Sense Reasoning, Education, Healthcare, Third Places, Wearables.

Primary Recipient Awards

Junia Anacleto – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2014