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Karen Bakker

Dr. Bakker is a scholar committed to understanding environmental policy, the role and significance of water resources in society, and distributive justice. Her primary work is in the field of the political ecology of water, water resources, and resource used in developed and developing countries. Dr. Bakker, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, completed her doctorate in 1999 and subsequently held a Junior Research Fellowship at Jesus College, Oxford. She came to UBC as an Assistant Professor in 2001 and was a Peter Wall Early Career Scholar in 2002-2003.

Dr. Bakker authored “An Uncooperative Commodity: Privatizing Water in England and Wales” (Oxford University Press, 2004) and edited “Eau Canada: The Future of Canada’s Water” (UBC Press, 2006). In addition to producing numerous refereed articles and chapters and a great number of reports, Dr. Bakker contributes to popular debates in the media and elsewhere. At UBC, she is Director of the Water Governance Program.

Co-Principal Investigator Awards

Mary Galvin – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2017