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Kendall Ho

Dr. Kendall Ho is a practicing emergency medicine specialist and lead, Digital Emergency Medicine. He was the founding Director of the eHealth Strategy Office until 2015, and was the immediate past Associate Dean of the Division of Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Translation (CPD/KT) up until February 2008, when CPD/KT was transitioned to two units: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the eHealth Strategy Office (eHealth).

Dr. Ho is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s Professional Development Committee and a collaborator with the World Health Organization eHealth Observatory.

Primary Recipient Awards

Kendall Ho – Exploratory Workshops – 2012
This workshop was held Feb 3-5, 2013. Online virtual groups formed through social media to support health and wellness can conceivably be beneficial to patients, caregivers, and health professionals if used as a tool to enhance communication; however, the power of such groups may be harmful if inaccurate or misleading health information is disseminated. Studying the dynamics of online groups for health and wellness promotion is both important and timely. This workshop invites a mutli-disciplinary group of UBC and international researchers and their graduate students who have expertise in sociology, library science, health science, business management, computer science, engineering, education, media and communication, and other fields to explore social media to support health and wellness. The interdisciplinary exploration will focus on six research themes: i) Individual information acquisition and application, ii) Community genesis and sustanability, iii) Technological design issues, iv) Stakeholders' mutual influence towards wellness, v) Knowlege management, dissemination, and renewal, and vi) Research designs to address these themes. The outcomes of the workshop will include 6 key papers that address above themes. The workshop will also result in the identification of interdiscipliary groups who will work together to write grant applications to fund the further study of this phenomenon so as to uncover the most beneficial ways of using social medical to promote healthy living.