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School of Community and Regional Planning; Department of Women's Studies


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Leonora Angeles

Leonora (Nora) C Angeles is Associate Professor at the School of Community and Regional Planning and the Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Program at the University of British Columbia. She is currently the Graduate Program Advisor of the Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies. She is also faculty research associate at the UBC Centre for Human Settlements where she has been involved in a number of applied research and capacity-building research projects in Brazil, Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. Her continuing research and interests are on community and international development studies and social policy, participatory planning and governance, participatory action research, and the politics of transnational feminist networks, women’s movements and agrarian issues, particularly in the Southeast Asian region.

Primary Recipient Awards

Leonora Angeles – Theme Development Workshop – 2020
Leonora Angeles – Early Career Scholars – 2004