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Lynn Stothers

Lynn Stothers earned her MD, Masters of Health Research and her Urology specialty qualifications from UBC. She received the McLaughlin Fellowship in Medicine and travelled to the University of California Los Angeles to complete subspecialty training in female urology, neuro urology, urodynamics and reconstruction.

WHO estimates that by 2018 over 3 billion people world wide will be affected by significant problems with voiding that negatively impact their health and quality of life. Dr. Stothers investigates all aspects of bladder function and has a research program with a special interest in the use of technology to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of lower urinary tract disorders. At the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD) she is a principal investigator and has a keen interest in the consequences and challenges that follow spinal cord injury. There, her lab works on translation of bench to bedside technology to improve clinical outcomes and access to care. She works in global health and has developed clinical tools to overcome barriers of literacy and language in Africa and address factors influenced by the social determinants of health. Dr. Stothers is known for her work with complementary and alternative therapies and continues to pursue the science behind these modalities.  

Primary Recipient Awards

Lynn Stothers – Wall Scholars – 2017

During her time as a Wall Scholar, Dr. Stothers will investigate the ‘mind-body-bladder’ connection in health and disease using novel technology.