Malebogo Ngoepe

Visiting Scholar


Iso Lomso Fellow, Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies


Mechanical Engineering


Applied Science


University of Cape Town

Geographic Location

Cape Town, South Africa
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Malebogo  Ngoepe

Dr. Malebogo Ngoepe, is a researcher and lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She will be collaborating with UBC professors, Drs. James Feng and Dana Grecov, Wall Faculty Associates.
Thrombosis (blood clotting) is closely linked to aneurysm evolution. In some cases the presence of a clot can accelerate the time to aneurysm rupture, while in others, it can stabilise the aneurysm and prevent rupture. The few computation models that simulate aneurysm thrombosis have focused on either cerebral aneurysms or on abdominal aortic aneurysms. The aim of these computational models has been to predict thrombosis outcome following intervention, or to better understand the processes at play during aneurysm thrombus formation. In Dr. Ngoepe’s research, she proposes to develop a joint thrombosis model which can be applied tin both cerebral aneurysms and abdominal aortic aneurysms. Such an approach will be useful for elucidating clotting features which are common to both pathologies, and highlighting the key differences. This information will be useful for disease management and therapeutic approach.