Manuel Piña-Baldoquín

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Manuel Piña-Baldoquín

Dr. Manuel Piña-Baldoquín’s research interests can be summarized in the question: what is an image today? Current technologies are bringing radical changes in the production, dissemination and perception of images. Vernacular and learned approaches are generating new visual languages, new possibilities for visual inquiries and reflections on our existence and the world. Dr. Piña-Baldoquín’s current projects appropriate some of such changes: the confluence of video and photographic images and their overproduction. His goal is to examine their potentials for the exploration of our contemporary experience. In the interdisciplinary context of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies he would like to consider the impact of these conditions in the wider context of our image-dominated culture. What is an image today? interrogates current ways of being in the world, of interpreting and creating reality. He invites colleagues from other disciplines to dialogue about such questions, each with tools and perspectives of our fields.