Meghan Wise

Wall Associate




UBC Climate Hub



Geographic Location

Vancouver. BC

Meghan Wise is part of the 2022 PWIAS Campus Synergy Group.

Meghan (she/her/hers) is the coordinator with the UBC Climate Hub. She is a settler descendant of Danish and Ukrainian farmers who grew up in the territory of the Syilx People of the Okanagan Nation. Meghan holds a master’s degree from the Department of Political Science at UBC, an honours degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta, and an education assistant teaching certificate.

Meghan’s research areas include intersections of ideology and climate denialism, analyzing parallels and lessons to be learned between the Covid pandemic and climate change through social determinants of health. Meghan’s past research also explores climate migration laws, the gendered impacts of climate change, and the intersections of climate change impacts on mental health, wellbeing and principles of community resilience.

After completing a Sustainability Scholar report for the Climate Hub, PICS, and UBC Wellbeing, and a year as the Climate Policy Lead with the Climate Hub, Meghan is now the UBC Climate Hub Coordinator. Meghan is also an artist and uses her work to explore the role of art in meaningfully mediating complex issues of climate change, environmental degradation and community resilience.