Michael Hayden

Wall Associate


University Killam Professor


Medical Genetics





Dr. Hayden’s research focus is primarily on genetic diseases, including gene therapy, Huntington disease, predictive and personalized medicine and drug development. Along with his research team, Dr. Hayden has identified 10 disease-causing genes, which includes the identification of the major gene underlying high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in humans. This gene, known as ABCA1, has major implications for atherosclerosis and diabetes. Dr. Hayden also identified the first mutations underlying lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPL) and developed gene therapy approaches to treat this condition, the first approved gene therapy in the western world.

The ultimate goal of Dr. Hayden’s research in Huntington disease (HD) is to develop new therapies that slow down or reverse progression of HD and lead to preventative therapy for pre-symptomatic individuals.