Naser Al Sughaiyer

Wall Associate


Interdisciplinary Artist

Geographic Location

Palestine, West Asia

Naser is a Palestinian theatre artist and facilitator living and extending from the land of West Asia. His work is guided by human/non-human beings in high intensity struggle. Working together with communities in the occupied villages of Palestine, they have been weaving spaces and practices of relational healing and resilience facilitated by/for women and children. In parallel, he has also been learning with birds, and inquiring into what we might possibly learn as we begin to witness and relate to birds living and dying with us and around us. Through hosting/guesting migratory birds fleeing extreme weathers, hospicing dying birds on the roads, and burying abandoned bones, he has become interested in bird-human encounters and rituals of healing separability and facing human denials and complicity in violence and unsustainability. Naser has an extensive experience in acting, directing, and creating scripted, improvisational, musical, puppetry, playback and immersive theatre (comedy, horror and drama). He is also a member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab. Over the last few years, he has been investing in (un)learning theatre, decentering the stage and inquiring into a non-performative theatre beyond “theatre” that responds to our current times.

Primary Recipient Awards

Nasar Al Sughaiyer – Artist Digital Residency – 2022

During this residency, the 12 catalyst artists, who are active in the arts sector in Canada and internationally, will collaboratively reflect on how art can help us to “stay with the trouble” and face the complexities of our current times: to not turn our back to the turmoil of difficult things, while remaining grounded and attentive to what it means to be human within a wider web of relations.

Drawing from their multi-disciplinary practices which include theatre, puppetry, dance, music, clowning and visual arts, the artists are working on how to activate different modes of feeling, thinking, relating and acting as forces of social change that may open up not-yet-imaginable possibilities for co-existence in the future.