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Ross MacGillivray

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Ross MacGillivray – Exploratory Workshops – 2003
The Krever Enquiry into the tainted blood scandal identified a need for both natural and social scientific blood-related research. UBC investigators responded by developing a CFI funded multi-disciplinary Centre for Blood Research bringing together natural and social scientists to examine both the blood system and the sociological, psychological, cultural and ethical issues related to blood research, utilization and donation. The Exploratory Workshop will bring world leaders in transfusion science together with experts in medical sociology, risk assessment, and ethics to identify the challenges facing today's blood system The goal is to identify key research issues, appropriate methodologies, and the interdisciplinary awareness required in this critical scientific, social and medical area. The workshop will involve UBC investigators (including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) and outside world experts, participating intellectually in thematic talks and breakout groups aimed at identifying the appropriate direction for future research. Besides new research collaborations, the goal is to develop awareness by all participants of the complexity of the research issues involved in a field that spans basic science, cultural values, social structures and moral/ethical issues.