Sally Otto

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Sally Otto

Dr. Otto’s research focuses on the evolution of an organism including its life cycle, mating system, and genomic organization. She has been exploring factors that influence whether or not a new mutation can become established within a population. She explores the limits that these factors place on evolution by natural selection, using mathematical models. Her work in recombination seeks to explore and explain the range of parameters governing gene creation and destruction.

While at the Institute, her most recent journal publications included The evolution of recombination in changing environments (TREE 13: 145-151) and The probability of fixation in populations of changing size (Genetics 146: 723-733).

Primary Recipient Awards

Sally Otto – International Research Roundtables – 2016
Sally Otto – Distinguished Scholars in Residence – 1999

Co-Principal Investigator Awards

Ophélie Ronce – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2018