Simon Peacock

Wall Associate




Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science





Dr. Simon Peacock is Professor in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, and former Dean of the Faculty of Science (2006 – 2018).

His research focuses on understanding the processes operating in subduction zones — places on Earth where tectonic plates dive into the Earth’s mantle triggering great earthquakes and explosive volcanism. Insight into key processes operating at depth in the Earth is achieved by integrating heat-transfer and petrologic models with field and seismological observations. His current research focusses on the Cascadia subduction zone which extends along the west coast of North America from southern British Columbia to northern California. In Cascadia, as is the case for other subduction zones, H2O-rich fluids and hydrous minerals play a critical role in seismicity and arc magmatism. Determining the spatial and temporal distribution of H2O and hydrated rocks in the Cascadia subduction zone not only advances our understanding of plate tectonics, but can also help quantify the societal risk posed by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Northwest.