Somdatta Sinha

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Indian Institute of Science Education Research Mohali


IISER Mohali

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Somdatta Sinha

Professor Sinha is a founder of Theoretical Biology in India. She has played a central role in the development of mathematical and computational biology in her country and elsewhere. Her influence through research, organization of scientific meetings, training programs, conferences, and teaching has been seminal. Her research encompasses patterns, interactions, and dynamics of biological systems using mathematical and physical methods to understand complex multi-scale biological systems. Sinha’s research contributions focus on modelling circadian rhythms, pattern formation, biochemical pathways, synthetic biology, single and meta-population ecological models, and controlling spatiotemporal dynamics. Prof. Sinha’s publications are highly cited, important contributions in the respective fields. With the availability of large-scale genome sequence data, Sinha has carried out computational analysis of genomes for classification of organisms, protein structure-function analysis using graph theory, and network analysis of large biochemical pathways.

Primary Recipient Awards

Somdatta Sinha – International Visiting Research Scholars – 2017